Wednesday, 4 July 2012

More Than Make-Believe, Tymber Dalton

Tymber Dalton really knows how to write everyday characters in a sexy way. A terrific M/M read.

- Review by Kazza K

I'd been waiting for this to be re-released, as it was off the market for a while. Glad it was as I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It was sweet, interesting, easy to read and I literally flew through it, wanting to see what would happen.

I liked the concept, two guys in the adult movie biz to make money to help them with their respective money related needs - pretty true. Gary, aka Marston Cougar, has been in the industry for a few years, to take care of his sister and his niece. He's a sort after brand in the adult entertainment industry. Travis, aka Craig Rocke, has just signed up to loose his butt cherry on camera. Alex, the studio head says to Travis so he knows what it's about - "Let's cut through the bullshit . We have several related subscription websites. You've probably never heard of them. College Boy Cash, Horny and Broke Boys, Cash-Strapped Frats, and a few others. You sensing the theme?"  Travis's family have cut him off from much needed rent money; he already holds down two jobs and studies engineering, so, yep, Alex's subscription sites certainly hold true for him. It's sexy and nice watching these two guys getting together, feeling more than the obligatory "it's make-believe" line that 'Marston' gives 'Craig' to help him through on-screen sex. There really isn't any drama, just a little speed hump towards the end that makes yout think "will they, wont they." It added just a little tension kicker to the mix.

More The Make-Believe had a good plot, endearing characters, excellent sex, dirty talk - let's face it, it's two guys making porn -  and some fantasy all rolled into a neat, concise, well written, erotic package. All this topped off by an epilogue that let's you know how they've progressed. I have a soft spot for Tymber Dalton's writing. More Than Make-Believe is - Hot. Stuff!!

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