Saturday 4 August 2012

Tommy's Blind Date, Anne Brooke.

A short yet incredibly charming, sexy read. Anne Brooke knows how to grab you with so few words. 

- Review by Kazza K

Tommy's Blind Date is such a relatable, feel good read. If it had a cheek I'd want to pinch it :)

Tommy Godolphin (love the last name) has been on some typically crappy blind dates, but his latest, with Hector, is particularly craptacular. Hector, at twenty two, is 1ten years younger than Tommy and turns up tanked and looking like he's had a roll or two in the hay, putting the same clothes back on after each tumble. Hector gave off a clear 'this is a sleazy pick-up not a date' vibe. I loved the dialogue and quick wit displayed by Tommy, particularly when Hector impertinently asked -

"What do you like to do in bed?"

I smiled right back at Hector. "In bed I like reading the papers and drinking tea. Preferably The Gurdian and English Breakfast. You weren't expecting sex were you? I haven't done any of that messy business since Y2K. So passe, my dear. Another drink?"

Hector gaped at me. "You're joking, right?"

Yes, Hector, he was.

After Tommy's latest blind date fiasco Jacob, Tommy's best friend since school, suggests they go out on a 'blind date.' It's to rate it, see what could be happening that's less than stellar, to see how Tommy acts when out. Tommy figures it's unusual but not a bad idea. He agrees, and this is when the book really gets interesting.

This little story it utterly charming, neither Jacob nor Tommy are anything but ordinary blokes -

I stared at myself, taking in my receding fair hair and the slight softness of my stomach. Blind dates? Who the hell did I think I was kidding? No wonder Hector hadn't been interested.

I won't deny that I love a good alpha, kick-arse, strong lead as much as the next person. However, I also have a great love of everyday characters as well. Those I can relate to, that seem like real people with smarts and humour, who don't have tickets on themselves. Both of the MC's here fit that to a tee.

Once again Anne Brooke shows her superior writing style; she is the queen of how, when done right, few words are required to pack a punch. This book may be very short, but it's witty, sweet AND steamy - believe me when I say I felt the passion reaching out and grabbing me solidly, in all the right places, from my Kindle. I highly recommend Tommy's Blind Date to all M/M and open minded readers. Read it and see, I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

I'll leave this review with Thomas's words, yes Thomas, to sum it up.

I felt desired beyond measure. I felt free.


  1. Thanks so much, Karen! I'm still very fond of Tommy - um, Thomas! - and Jacob. Glad you liked them too :))


  2. No problems, Anne. Loved them both. It was a joy to read.


    Karen :)