Thursday 4 October 2012

The Gift of the Snow, Anne Brooke

Another short yet thought provoking read from Anne Brooke with a lesbian slant 

 -Review by Kazza K

This is a hard one to review because you really need to experience it. I also think the individual reader will take one thing that is written or happens as more important than, say, some other. It's certainly open to individual analysis.

Andi is looking to buy a house, it is a repossession, and here's where I like her immediately, she was not keen on buying something that meant hard times for another. However, information from a neighbour allows her conscience to be appeased on this front..

The house is named Kaneq, an Inuit name for 'frost,' how apt that is, as temperature and snow form an integral part of the ebook.

There is an abstract quality to the writing. In the beginning I wasn't sure whether this was going down a horror or mystical road. Have a read to see what I mean. It is not long at all. 

I can say that is an LGBT short read, with Andi having had a significant love, Jan, in her past. To me The Gift of the Snow has a lovely meaning. To me, it meant letting people in when you have a chance, letting your feelings/emotions be free/shown. Regrets are sad things to have. Also, that there is more to this life that what we see in front of our eyes.

I also feel that, although it's different, it is somewhat remiscent in feel to A Stranger's Touch.

Anne Brooke never disappoints. I love the way she uses these short stories to allow the reader to make their own interpretations of her words. Interestingly, I actually read the last paragraph over a few times as it seemed to give me a different ending each time.

The Gift of The Snow